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Gun Cabinet allows firearm owners to keep an inventory of their firearms by storing important
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Jon Rau
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24 June 2008

Editor's review

Firearm vendors often find it difficult to manage the data related to the inventory of range of firearms. The task requires vendors to enter and manage a variety of information, such as name, serial number, model, caliber, etc. Well, if you are dealing with all such complicated tasks, then you can minimize your hassles by trying out the new Gun Cabinet 1.5. The software is designed to support the firearm shop owners in keeping a record of necessary information about guns in their inventory. It integrates options to store the information relating the firearms, such as serial number, model, make, caliber, purchase price, image, and even more. Even you need not worry about accessing the data as the information stored with the application is encrypted by applying password protection.

When you launch the Gun Cabinet 1.5, it shows a welcome screen that prompts you to enter a password, and next, a question-answer for password recovery. For recording the information, just press Firearms option on menu bar and a new window would appear. The window includes various fields; Type, Serial #, Model, Make, Caliber, Action Type, Purchase Price, Estimated Value, Registered, and Comment, which helps you in keeping record of necessary details of any firearms. You can record information of as many firearms as you want, as there’s no such specific limit of data storage. Further, you can also edit or delete the firearm info, and also get to know that how many firearms you possess. Further, the application also lets you add a new Type, for adding new firearms details to it. If the count storage data is large, then you can easily search the firearm info by Serial Number, Model, Make, Caliber, or Action Type. Along with this, you can even set/change password or secret question, and even retrieve the password, if you forgot one. The complete can be backed up and restore, whenever necessary. After recording the information, on the main screen you can easily find any firearm and its info by selecting its type and name.

Gun Cabinet 1.5 supports keeping and managing the firearms efficiently and get the required information in quick time. The program, for its easy-going functionality and its extensive range of features, is assigned 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

Gun Cabinet allows firearm owners to keep an inventory of their firearms by storing important (vital if stolen) firearm information, such as serial number, make, model, caliber and more, for an unlimited number of firearms. Images may also be stored for each firearm. All information is encrypted. A password is optional. Firearm information can be edited, deleted, and viewed at any time. A firearm search function is included. Firearms can be printed in several different formats, including individually with an optional image and as a list. The download comes with a trial period (with a limit on the number of firearms that can be stored and printing disabled), and then requires a registration code to continue using it. A registration code can also be entered early to remove the limit on the number of firearms that can be stored and to enable printing.
Gun Cabinet
Gun Cabinet
Version 1.5
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Tom Stanley
I gave it a one, more than the publisher deserves. The program sounds good, exactally what I was lookiing for. Problem being is that there in ZERO listings of the machine requirments and what type of OS is required.
If I was to get an email stating these factors then I just probably will get it and re-do my rating.
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